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Santa Francesca Romana is a coffee plantation located on the peaceful plains of Nicaragua. Today, this is where some of the best Arabica beans in the world are grown. It all began in the late 1860s, with brothers Arthur and Marshall Vaughan, sailing from Bristol, England to undertake a project of coffee cultivation on some land near the town of San Marcos, Carazo. They chose this spot for its altitude, rich soil, rolling hills, cool weather, and shade.

The current production rate at the plantation is over 4,200 pounds per hectare, of clean, high-quality beans. Most of this produce is sold to wholesalers, but Santa Francitsca Romana also selects the best beans from each harvest to deliver directly to consumers under the brand name of Bristol Coffee, so-named in honor of the adventurous brothers Vaughan, who started this lucky venture.

Following sustainable and efficient production processes, which also generate quality coffee, Santa Francisca Romana has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance, under registration number: SFC-F-008 557. The plantation has not only met the requirements of the Rules of the Sustainable Agriculture Network for the production of coffee, but its excellent production and harvesting practices have also helped it attain the UTZ certification.

Our coffee is of such good quality that, during a recent trial, it was called "Extraordinary" in their Sweet and Clean Cup competition. Our coffee also obtained raings of "Excellent" in the attributes of aroma, body and taster score, and "Very Good" in the other categories of this competition. View Report

Along with coffee, the plantation now produces black beans and cocoa, also of excellent quality. Both these agricultural products are sold at the wholesale level but will soon be marketed through the brand Vaughan Brothers Comestibles.

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